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A message from Rod Glover - Glover Nursery, SLC, UT

Greetings to all, I have been in the nursery/garden center industry since the age of 7. I have grown up in a family owned business and I am currently, at the age of 59, the president of Glover Nursery Inc. In the 50 plus years that I have been in the business I have seen, and have taken part, in many of the nursery industries growths, accomplishments and fears.

In my early years we were an "organic" nursery and didn't even know it! My father would send me to the back of the nursery with my brother to fill up a gunny sack of decomposed cow manure and load it in the trunk of customers' cars. Now it is considered "organic compost". I like to tell people that the nursery industry was "Green" before green was the color associated with organic gardening and alternative energy.

For the past few years I have been involved with Dino-Mite plant food. I have been offering to my customers Dino-Mite in several size containers. After they purchase one I then offer them the opportunity to be "green" by bringing in the container and refilling it from my bulk bag at a substantial cost saving. This has been very popular.

Now that we have been offering Dino-Mite for several seasons we have a large percentage of our Dino-Mite customers returning each year to make sure they have Dino-Mite for their vegetable gardens. One of my long time customers tried Dino-Mite the first year I offered it. He came back later in the season and told me he had never had a better garden! A little old lady came back in July and was worried we were out of Dino-Mite, when I informed her we had it in bulk and available she was elated. Apparently she had bought a small amount of Dino-Mite in the spring and only applied it to half her tomato plants, and by July, the other half that she didn't apply it to was half the size of the plants treated with Dino-Mite.

I have a steady following of customers now purchasing Dino-Mite on a regular basis. I have recommended Dino-Mite for houseplants suffering from root bound pots. Every person has come back to me and told me their plants have grown and become healthy again. One customer had their ailing Christmas cactus of 5 years blooming again! I have used Dino-Mite, referred it to my friends and long-term customers. Every person has been impressed. I have tested it here at my nursery and know that it works. I recommend you give Dino-Mite a try and offer it to your clientele."

See Rod Glover on a popular local morning show explaining Dino-Mite Mineral Plant Food by clicking here!

Best regards, Rod Glover - President Glover Nursery [Oct. 1, 2011]


Me standing in my bed of Dino-Mite fed tomatoes. I really like the product and I would like to lead many others to the natural route." ~John Sikina - Director of New Product Development, W. Atlee Burpee Co.

The product obviously works and works well! I was very impressed – was not expecting such a dramatic result! Enclosed is a photo." - J. Kramer

Despite the poor weather conditions my plants grew quickly & looked very healthy! Friends were greatly impressed!" – M. Krall

So easy to use and just thrilled with the results! Thumbs up! Pictures enclosed." – P. Wainwright

I found the Dino-Mite plant food easy to use and with excellent results. The enclosed picture shows the difference between the use of the plant food on the right – and the weaker plants on the left that did not have any. Family members found it quite easy to pick out the flowers with Dino-Mite plant food. Also, easy to use." - P. Barabe

We planted 3 hills of cantaloupe – 2 hills growing good, but the third hill was far behind (photo #1 on 6/26/11). We applied Dino-Mite and on 7/01/11 (photo #2) great growth was seen. On 7/06/11 (photo #3) more growth seen and a melon was growing. We are amazed with the results!" - Mrs. M. Broyhill

I used them on two tomato plants, none on the other two, and the difference in size of these tomatoes made me enjoy my tomatoes as early as August 1st. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes! Friends and family were pleasantly surprised at the amount of tomatoes we've all enjoyed!" - Mrs. N. Bannon

Dino-Mite was used in a school ornamental bed with heavy clay soil. We planted half of an "M" for the school name and the other half with ageratum using a general purpose time-release fertilizer. Both got equal amounts of sun and water. The half with Dino-Mite is thriving! The other half either died or is not as vibrant." – J. Nyiri

My great niece spends two days a week with me and loves to help me with my flowers. I bought her a small garden kit and it came with watermelon and sunflowers seeds. We used the plant food when we put down her seeds and in no time, they are growing fast and healthy. I use Miracle Gro, but this product is better with faster results, she is so tickled, thanks!!" - Ms. L. Lane

Dino-Mite all-natural mineral plant food was great, very easy to use. It enhanced my plants growth and appearance. It is important to me to use all-natural and organic products when gardening out of respect for nature. I was very pleased by the whole package. Very impressed by the results." - Miss T. Berkan

I am very impressed with Dino-Mite Plant Food. I have never seen any Plant Food work like this one does and so quick! I had Fuchsias that were in very bad condition. Now, they are beautiful and growing and blooming in just 3 weeks! I will buy this for all of my plants, inside and out!" – B. Stump