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Because Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Mineralizer is an all-natural organic mineral soil amendment (unlike conventional fertilizers), we get a lot of questions from customer's who aren't sure how much to use on their plants?


Once you see how easy it is, you'll never want to go back to mixing messy chemicals again, especially when Dino-Mite, Dino-Green has been blended to such an optimal balance!

How much Dino-Mite do I need to use for indoor plants?

Seedlings & Starts

  • As a rule of thumb - 1 to 2 Tbsp. heals approximately one 1 gal. potted plant that is already established and growing. If using a smaller container, such as a quart size, use only about (1 Tsp) to start with.
  • For individual seedlings and starts - till or scratch in about 1 Tsp Dino-Mite, Dino-Green Mineralizer to your soil at root level, and/or, around top of soil if desired and water the plant as usual. If starting out with a starter kit with individual seedlings, we recommend waiting until you transfer them into a their own container before adding Dino-Mite Mineralizer. Then, simply apply according to our instructions here!
  • For more sensitive plants/seedlings - we recommend crushing the little round brown granules between your fingers that you'll notice is mixed in with the Dino-Mite mineral blend into a fine powder and just lightly adding to top part of soil (away from more sensitive roots) until plant has established itself or grown a few inches or more. Afterwards, you can dust a little on top of soil and let seep in from watering plant as usual anytime you feel that your soil is in need of minerals!

Potted Plants

  • For established or already grown potted plants - As a general rule-of-thumb for a typical 1 gallon sized potted plant container with a plant that is several inches tall or more. - till Dino-Mite mineral into soil around base of plant with about 1 or 2 heaping Tbsp's in and around the soil. A little more if the container is quite large and plant is larger as well.
  • Tired of replacing your potted containers soil every year or two? Dino-Mite, Dino-Green is a supurb soil amendment to add to that old tired out potting soil in your containers so it will last longer, saving you money! Of course, you should replace the soil if dried out, or has fungal, bacterial, or mold issues.

Can be used more liberally if needed, it’s all-natural! Once your soil is balanced, just a dusting will do every so often to replace those lost minerals & trace-elements!